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What Are The Best Budget Hearing Aids?

01/28/2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Modern-day devices are so much more than simple tools for amplifying sound. Instead, they include extremely sophisticated software, allowing wearers to fulfill their hearing needs whatever the situation. Everyone can take advantage of these ground-breaking technological developments. This is how you can benefit from one of the best budget devices: a receiver-in-canal hearing aid.

What Are The Specifics?

A receiver-in-canal hearing aid has a micro-speaker that fits inside the ear, while the main body sits out of sight, behind it. The device is compact and discrete, and runs on long-lasting batteries, meaning the wearer doesn’t have to make regular changes. Many receiver-in-canal models now come with Bluetooth capability. This allows wearers to connect to other electrical appliances – such as their cell phone or tablet – and stream content wirelessly. Audiologists can also make individual changes to devices’ systems so that they’re personalized to the specific needs and requirements of a wearer.

The Better Hearing For Life plan

Many people will still ask: “But how can I afford a pair of these hearing aids?” The best option is the Better Hearing For Life plan, where after placing a deposit down, a patient pays a set amount of just $99 per month. In return, they’ll gain receiver-in-canal hearing aids, a tailored fitting, and a series of scheduled maintenance, every four months, ensuring the device is working correctly. Additionally, the hearing aids will be covered by a three-year warranty. This means that if a patient hearing device malfunctions, they can have it repaired without providing any further investment. If the device is lost or damaged, it is replaced with a small deductible. Once the three-year period has ended, Cornerstone Audiology will trade the devices with a pair of hearing aids, equipped with the latest technology.

What Happens To The Old Device?

After the plan has finished and a patient returns their devices, their usefulness doesn’t end here. Instead, Cornerstone Audiology donates these hearing aids to homeless folks who wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear fully. This means that every person who signs up to the Better Hearing For Life plan isn’t just getting a fantastic deal, but is also providing benefits to those in the local community.

What If I’m Concerned?

If you’re worried that you or someone else close to you has a hearing loss, it’s important to speak to an audiologist as soon as possible.
Like eyesight, once a person has permanent hearing damage, it cannot be cured. Instead, it’s important that they receive the right treatment to effectively manage a condition and prevent it from worsening. Doctors at Cornerstone Audiology offer full hearing evaluations, where they expertly diagnose each person’s health problems. They can then suggest treatment options that will fit every budget and ensure every person receives truly life-changing outcomes.

If you’re worried about hearing loss, or know someone else who is, request a callback now with a member of the Cornerstone Audiology team. They’re ready to help you today!

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Dr. Christina Corrales

A West Texas native, Dr. Corrales strives to improve the quality of her patients’ lives through better hearing. She received her bachelor of science degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences, as well as her doctorate of audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). Dr. Corrales is board certified through the American Board of Audiology and is a member of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

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