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Hearing Aids and Leading Hearing Care for $99 per month

“I have been in the Better Hearing for Life program for three years and I received new hearing aids. They are advanced technology from my first hearing aids in the program. The hearing is clearer and with the app on my phone it is easy to adjust for different situations. I can talk on my phone without a phone clip. Streaming music and news is better than in the past too.”


#1 - Connected, Discreet Hearing Technology

Hearing aids purchased through Better Hearing 4 Life are sophisticated.  They are made for smart phones, fully digital and programmable, and manufactured by a world-leading manufacturer.  This gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re not just wearing great technology, but you have a partnership with a leading audiology team to ensure the devices work to their highest capacity, giving you the best hearing possible for a low monthly investment.

#2 - “Sleep Easy” Loss & Damage Guarantee

Life is unpredictable and hearing devices get lost, get damaged, or go missing. With the “sleep easy” guarantee, you are fully protected with the confidence that if your hearing aid falls into the bathtub or disappears mysteriously, or the technology simply stops working… we have your back.

Best of all, if you do lose a hearing device or it is damaged, then it will be replaced with a low-cost deductible.

#3 - No Finance or Credit Checks

Whereas every other monthly option in the hearing care industry takes you through credit checks and results in you being stuck in a financial agreement with a significant interest rate, “Better Hearing 4 Life” is an agreement between you and Cornerstone Audiology. 

This partnership trusts that as a patient of Better Hearing 4 Life you will do the right thing, paying your low-fees each month, you will continue to receive the advanced audiological care and support that is so important.

#4 - On Demand Audiology & Care

One of the biggest benefits of one option of connected hearing technology is that it has “remote capabilities.” This means that if you ever have a challenge, need an adjustment, or need to speak to your audiologist, then you can have a consultation via the internet without having to come into the office.  The audiologist may then log into your settings and make changes to improve the certain situations where you are struggling to hear well.  These settings are then sent through your app and uploaded to your hearing aids without you having to visit the office.

This means that if you have a busy lifestyle or travel is difficult, then you can receive the care that you require remotely. Of course, for all situations where an in-person appointment is needed or preferred, you will receive the care and attention you require from your audiologist in the office.

#5 - Seamlessly Upgrade Technology Every 36 Months

As technology continues to progress, you will not get left behind. As our commitment to you is to care for your hearing for life, you will receive updated brand-new hearing technology every 36 months with no additional down-payment required.

Your new hearing devices will be programmed to an updated hearing test and dispensed, ensuring that you are always receiving the best possible hearing care. 

#6 - No Liability Past Life

Whether you are researching Better Hearing 4 Life for yourself, or you are looking for an option for your parents/grandparents, rest assured that if the patient were to pass away, the program simply stops, no more payments are required.  You return the hearing aids to your audiologist and monthly payments cease.  There are no debts passed onto the family, the program simply ends and the patient’s hearing aids are passed along to someone in need. 

#7 - All Batteries, Domes and Filters Included

Just as your car will occasionally need new tires to maintain performance, your hearing technology is the same.

Through “Better Hearing 4 Life,” you will receive everything that you need, included in the program.  Batteries, receivers, wax filters and domes- there are never any hidden expenses.

Register Your Interest in ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’

If you would like to register your interest in joining ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ – then the first step is to complete this form. 

A member of the team will then call you to schedule an initial appointment where you can have your hearing comprehensively tested and they can walk you through how ‘Better Hearing 4 Life’ works.

If you would then like to get started and receive leading hearing healthcare from just $99/month, then you can be fitted with leading technology straight away.

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