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What is ‘lubbock hearing health awareness month?’

Did you know January is Lubbock’s Hearing Health Awareness month?

Let us first start by answering a few questions… What is Hearing Health Awareness Month? Why do we have Hearing Health Awareness Month?  Who is Hearing Health Awareness Month for?

I want to answer the key questions and explain why you should be getting involved, whether on behalf of yourself or your loved ones.  So, let’s get started…

What Is It?

This month-long awareness program is aimed at bringing attention to your hearing health and the signs of hearing loss. 

Because often, we regularly have our eyes checked, our teeth checked and our blood pressure tested, but hardly any of us have our hearing tested. 

With approximately 15% of American adults reporting some form of difficulty hearing, and younger generations being exposed to louder music and more frequent strains on our hearing – it would be fair to say that there is a crisis in the United States.

Especially when you read the latest report from the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) that approximates that 28.8 million adults in the United States could benefit from wearing hearing aids.

Lubbock’s Hearing Health Awareness month is here to shine a spotlight on this problem and educate more people to make the right decision to be proactive toward their hearing health.


The first signs of hearing loss are often based on your loved ones or friends noticing – you may have the television or radio louder than usual, you may be missing parts of conversations or you may struggle to understand what people are saying in noisy environments.  You also may notice ringing in your ears on occasion. 

The most difficult part of hearing loss is that it is often slow and gradual.  Many people don’t notice a sudden change in their hearing and describe the loss as a steady decrease in their ability to understand conversation. This is why the average person with hearing loss waits over 7-9 years to take action.

This steady decrease over time can really take its toll on a person.  People with hearing loss tend to gradually withdraw from social situations and lack participation in things that they used to find enjoyable.

The truth is, the signs for hearing loss can be subtle and having a baseline hearing check when you first notice a slight change is always a good idea, no later than the age of 50. 


There are scientific studies that link untreated hearing loss to things like dementia, it can also contribute to other health conditions such as diabetes and is easily affected by blood flow – but in all honesty, I know that won’t motivate you to get your hearing checked as we hear these types of warnings every day.

From our patients’ perspective, the worst part of not treating a hearing loss is having to live with the effects of limited hearing.

Hearing loss impacts qualify of life, which is invaluable.  Patients with hearing loss find themselves:

  • Missing out on special family moments where everyone laughs but you miss the joke
  • Not being able to perform well at work because meetings or phone calls are awkward
  • Having your kids think that you’re old and need help to look after yourself

The worst part of having an untreated hearing loss is the negative impact it has in all other areas of your life.

What Happens at a hearing test?

Hearing tests are quick, pain-free and you receive the results immediately.

You will be welcomed into our comfortable office by our kind staff.  One of our Doctors of Audiology will take a quick look in your ears to ensure your ear canal and ear drum look healthy and then we will place headphones on your ears.

It’s very simple, every time that you hear a sound, you press a button.

The headphones will then play a range of tones, to understand what you can hear and can’t hear from each ear.

At the end, we will take off the headphones and plot your results on an audiogram – we will then be able to discuss the results of the test and make my best recommendation from there, whether a hearing loss is discovered or not.


As we have a duty to care for the people of Lubbock and to wave the flag for ‘Lubbock’s Hearing Health Awareness Month’ – at Cornerstone Audiology, we’re offering complimentary hearing screenings.

You’ll be able to visit us and have your hearing comprehensively checked with a screening throughout the month of January.

There’s no-obligation and no commitments – it’s your way to have your hearing professionally checked by our team of Audiologists.  As a courtesy to you, we will also make a copy of your insurance card to check your hearing benefits on your behalf.

To schedule your complimentary screening, then please call 806-687-4327

If you have any concerns about your hearing health, or you’re concerned about a loved one’s hearing loss, then I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s better to check it now than allow it to worsen and treat it at a later date.

Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Cornerstone Audiology but we are passionate about our community and can’t wait to get to know you.

See you soon!

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