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  • Atila Ertas9/29/2021

    Repair The technician (young lady) was very helpful, kind, and fast. They are professional.

  • Robin Overland6/30/2020

    The curbside service was very helpful and staff was very polite (and sweet)!

  • Bert Lance6/30/2020

    The ladies are very friendly and very professional!

  • Ellen Wilson.7/02/2020

    Service was fast and efficient amid the Covid-19 pandemic. I really enjoyed your innovative idea for employee face masks with the visible mouth for us hearing impaired folks! I appreciated the offer of water/soft drinks while my husband and I had to wait in the car. I'm always pleased with service and staff when I visit.

  • Donna. J7/07/2020

    Very attentive service during my curb side appointment!

  • Jan Williamson11/19/2021

    My husband, Gene Williamson, just had his ears checked that he needed hearing aids. He wouldn’t buy them because I am on chemo for a malignant tumor. He wants to be able to pay for my treatment instead of helping himself. I nominate him to get the free aids you are giving away. For 64 years he had always put his family first. Thank u, Jan Williamson

  • Ron Pedersen2/25/2020

    Hearing check-up was efficient with prompt consultation regarding the outcome. Information was given regarding improved technology of new appliances are available to better counter my impairment. Follow-up appointment was made to further discuss options.

  • Mary Ogeda1/22/2020

    Dad was very satisfied. Friendly staff and fast and efficient service! Thanks

  • Amy Rinehart5/09/2019

    I love Cornerstone! Dr. Beck is very professional and knowledgeable, and also so kind, caring and helpful. Ashley is wonderful too-always so sweet and helpful! I love my new hearing aides! Very state of the art! Very Blessed to have been introduced to Cornerstone. My husband and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

  • Dr. Sam Ayers6/30/2020

    The cornerstone staff was efficient and responsive, they addressed my concerns (serviced my hearing aids) and had me back on my way in a short amount of time thank you!

  • Rikki Salgado 3/11/2019

    Office has a homey feel, the ladies who work there are very professional. The receptionist offered multiple refreshments and Dr.Beck is simply amazing!

  • Frankie Firenza6/30/2020

    Excellent curbside service! Nothing I would change.

  • Rod Hench5/18/2021

    Have been using Cornerstone for several years and am very pleased with the personal and services they provide. Having a Snyder office is huge as opposed to taking the whole day to drive to Lubbock or Abilene. Definitely give them a positive recommendation.

  • Gary Barker2/14/2020

    The service specialists are very courteous and competent. They also can clean your hearing aids (free of charge) quickly while u wait. Dr.s Hubick and Wann are very knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Ron Roger6/30/2020

    It would always be good to go in when it's 100 degrees out, but I understand. This works great!

  • Shirley Castle9/25/2021

    Visiting Cornerstone is always a delightful experience. Every person I have encountered greets with a joyous spirit. Who doesn't need more joy in our lives? Certainly better hearing brings joy.

    Yes, we recommend Cornerstone!

  • Dorothy Cooper11/28/2019

    I've been putting off getting my hearing checked for a long time and I'm so glad I finally went. It didn't take near as long as I thought and was very low stress. The ladies in the office were all very pleasant, and answered any questions I had (I had a lot!). I would definitely recommend.

  • Trudi Owen7/07/2020

    Amazing service! Thank you so much for your kindness!

  • Malinda Flenniken1/24/2020

    Cornerstone was awesome. Dr. Beck and Ashley are so warm and friendly. I was a little nervous about a hearing test at first, but it was easy and didn't take long. And I passed!!! I PASSED MY HEARING TEST!!! "What?" LOL!!

  • Brenda K5/03/2019

    My hearing aids are great. I really like using the app and adjusting the sound to my surroundings. I even explained how fast my granddaughter talks and they set me a setting for that. ???. They are a pleasure to work with. Allen Kuss

  • Kc Rains12/13/2019

    This was my first time coming to and using this company. I highly recommend them. The customer service is excellent, the building was clean, easy to get in an out of the parking lot, and the staff were all very nice to talk with. I came about 15min early to fill out paperwork and was seen on time by the young lady that was checking my hearing. The whole experience took about 30 minutes to an hour. Again, I highly recommend this company for all your hearing needs.

  • Lloyd Whetzel6/30/2020

    5 Stars for Cornerstone's Curbside Service.

  • Edith Muncy6/30/2020

    I found the curbside service, very convenient and accommodating!

  • Angela Gonzalez6/30/2020

    5 stars for Cornerstone's Curbside Service

  • Eldon Cox6/30/2020

    Very prompt! very professional! This is my first curbside service experience, I completely understand why there would be an outside service, fantastic work!

  • Lisa Williams5/17/2021

    Courtney & all the Cornerstone staff have been so kind, compassionate, & professional & really strive to make sure I'm hearing at my best level!. As a former SHS teacher, it's been great to trust Courtney to take care of me!

  • Paula Dagy10/13/2021

    Loved Dr. Christina Turner. Very knowledgeable. Explained every thing in detail. Left with hearing aids that day and they are excellent. The office staff was great. Follow up support is awesome.

  • Jody Rose1/25/2020

    I have been a patient of Dr. Marisha Beck for several years and this is the absolute best care and fitting I have received for hearing aids. I have a very difficult to treat hearing loss and require a lot of adjustments to my hearing aids and she is always willing and able to get me in on my schedule to make the adjustments. I have also used the Lubbock office of Cornerstone for cleaning and fitting appointments and Dr. Arnold in Lubbock is also great. I would highly recommend Dr Beck and Cornerstone Audiology in Big Spring or Dr Arnold in Lubbock.

  • Carl Cope6/30/2020

    The curbside service was very prompt, with a 6-minute fix and a beverage was a plus, there is nothing that could be improved.

  • Michael Coke6/30/2020

    The curbside service was great! Keep up the great work!

  • David Crawford6/30/2020

    The curbside service was perfect for me!

  • Ruth Vincent6/30/2020

    5 Stars for the Cornerstone Audiology team and their curbside service.

  • Ann Cobb11/19/2021

    I went to Cornerstone Audiology for my hearing aid check and I was very pleased how everything was quick and easy. I was able to get to work in a timely fashion. Thank you!

  • Nathen Sanders11/02/2021

    The young lady that worked with me was very professional and helpful. I plan to go back in January when my insurance renews.

    Thanks for helping me

    Coach Sanders

  • Donald Jaycee Black11/05/2020

    Ear cleaning Excellent service!!! Lady that worked on me was very helpful. Definitely recommended this place for all your hearing needs!

  • Rachael Grantham3/10/2019

    Highly recommend! They get you in quickly and are very nice and professional! Dr. Beck is amazing with our one year old and she has helped tremendously with his ears.

  • Jeff Vyda6/30/2020

    An amazing service, the staff at my curbside service were very helpful and patient.

  • Linda Richards6/30/2020

    A great service!

  • Rachel Smith7/20/2020

    THANK YOU. I wish every doctor I saw were like Dr. Wann and the Cornerstone team. Dr. Wann always listens to every concern I have about my test results as well as the fit and performance of my hearing aids. It is so obvious that she loves what she does, and that she truly cares about her patients. Everyone I interact with at Cornerstone provides excellent service and is warm and friendly. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for hearing care!

  • Keith Hewett6/30/2020

    Under the current circumstances, the curbside service is very good! It was right outside and they offered me a cold drink! Thank you for servicing my hearing aids, very courteous!