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Hearing is Worth Sharing: How You Can Give The Gift of Better Hearing and Change a Local Deserving Persons Life

  • Donate your existing hearing aids when upgrading to new technology
  • They will be professionally refurbished
  • They will then be gifted to a deserving local individual that otherwise would not be able to access better hearing.
  • You change somebody’s life and give them the gift of reconnect with the world around them!

What is the ‘Hearing is Worth Sharing’ program?

There are hundreds of local people across Lubbock and Synder that are living with a hearing loss but either do not have the financial means to seek help, or choose to put their loved ones needs ahead of theirs.

It’s heart breaking, and we’re often asked if there’s any way that we can help.

That’s why we decided to launch our ‘Hearing is Worth Sharing’ program.

This program allows our patients to donate their existing or donate a loved ones devices that has passed away. Our team then professionally refurbish the devices and then gift them to a deserving local person that has been hand-picked.

By using our “Life is Worth Hearing, Hearing is worth Sharing” board – a Cornerstone Audiology patient that is donating their devices has their name written on a tag.

The person that then receives their donated devices writes their name on the flipside of the tag, and it sits on the board.

Our patients know better than anybody how challenging living with an untreated hearing loss is, and through this program, it’s an opportunity to help more local people to reconnect with the world around them.

Local People Helped By The ‘Hearing is Worth Sharing’ Program

The question is, can you also help?

Donate My Devices

If you would like to donate your existing devices and explore upgrade options, or donate unused devices that you may have available, then please complete this form.

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Do I Qualify to Receive Donated Devices?

The purpose of this program is to help people to achieve better hearing that otherwise would not have the financial means to care for their hearing health. To see if you qualify, please complete the following questions:

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