Lubbock ☎ : 806-687-4327                Snyder ☎ : 325-284-3221

Lubbock ☎ : 806-687-4327 
Snyder ☎ : 325-284-3221

Meet Finley Hubik, Dr. Hubik’s Dog

If you could travel anywhere in the world?

Ruidoso, NM

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world?

Julie Hubik

What's your favorite food?

Treats – Beggin Strips,  Real food- Spaghetti noodles

What's your favorite dessert?

Pup Cone from Starbucks

Who is your favorite athlete?

Hays Hubik

What's your Favorite Musician?

Will Hubik

Who is your Favorite Wrestling Partner

Jacob Hubik

What's your Most Exciting Part of Your Week?

When the trash truck comes down our alley on Wednesdays!

Finley Hubik, Dr. Hubik’s Dog