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A ‘Complete Hearing Care’ Alternative To Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids In Lubbock And Snyder

When the federal government passed the Over-The-Counter Hearing Aid Act in 2017, it was of course set with good intentions, which was to give consumers a greater choice of affordable hearing devices.

With many big brands backing these over-the-counter (OTC) devices, huge marketing spend has been allocated to win attention and encourage people to act.

However, in many cases, OTC hearing aids fall short on some of the most important factors to consider when it comes to addressing a hearing loss, and it’s our professional duty as doctors of audiology to ensure that we help you to make an informed decision for yourself.

“I couldn’t have been treated better than everyone at Cornerstone treated me on my recent visits to get my hearing aids purchased. Thanks for the excellent help and your ability to answer my questions, and advice to help me with my hearing problems. I am now able to hear better. Thanks. Cornerstone Audiology.”

Dartha Westbrook

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Five Reasons We Don’t Recommend Over-The-Counter (OTC)

1. A Hearing Assessment Isn’t Offered

Not only are hearing assessments the very first step in treating a hearing loss, but they’re also the most important, as without a hearing assessment, your devices cannot be programmed to your specific hearing loss.

This means that OTC devices will generally be just amplifying sound rather than amplifying the frequencies or pitches that your hearing loss is preventing you from hearing.

2. Nobody Physically Examines Your Ears

This one truly baffles us audiologists, as there is no way you can know the full extent of your hearing loss (and therefore the correct devices you need for your unique diagnosis) without a trained professional examining the very thing you’re investing in the device for… your ears!

Simply purchasing a device without first having a visual inspection down your ear canal could potentially be a waste of money and time.

3. It’s Up To You To Fit Them

Did you know that audiologists train for 8 years to ensure they know exactly how to diagnose hearing loss and fit hearing aids correctly? Understanding the anatomy and big picture of the process of hearing is key to successful hearing aid programming. At Cornerstone Audiology, we have a multi-step fitting process that ensures total accuracy.

4. Once Purchased, You Are On Your Own

Once you have purchased your OTC devices, you’re all alone.

This means that if you have any problems, you lose a device, or you’re not getting the performance that you require, there is little to no support for you… no warranty either, so if you lose the devices, you’ll need to start all over and buy them again!

5. OTC Is Only For Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss

Most patients we see have a mild or moderate hearing loss in the low pitch sounds but slope to a more severe hearing loss in the higher pitches, causing them to notice a loss in the clarity of speech.

OTC hearing aids cannot reach those sounds, as they do not amplify anything over a moderate loss… still leaving most patients frustrated with a lack of clarity.

“Thanks for taking the time to inform us of the situation.”

“I really appreciate the information about OTC. I’ve been concerned about OTC hearing aids and had questions as to how they could be adjusted for individual hearing loss. The information you provided helped a lot.”


“Thanks for being on top of this, Julie.

You folks are doing a super job.”


“I really appreciate you taking time to explain.”

“Just the other day I had a friend tell me that now I can just get over the counter hearing aids. I told him that the hearing aids will not be of high quality like ones I have now nor would I get the specialized care that I receive from you guys.”


Introducing our Low-Priced Complete Hearing Care Solution, Cornerstone Audiology’s ‘Fundamental Hearing Package’

We recognize that OTC hearing devices are attractive mainly for their low cost, which is why we want to reassure you that with us, great hearing aids and great hearing care are totally accessible.

It’s called the “Fundamental” Package and it delivers you great technology that is professionally tailored to your exact hearing loss with a professional hearing assessment, fitting, and ongoing support by the most trusted hearing care experts in Lubbock and Snyder.

It’s your way to access better hearing for a great price while ensuring that you’re getting the best possible performance – tailored to you.

At just $1,890 – this delivers you the complete package for slightly less than you would be expected to pay for over-the-counter devices –but with all the benefits.

“Services were great! I did not have to wait at all. For them to see me or to clean my hearing aids. They were fast and took care of extra problems I was having and even extras. I could not be more pleased. Thank you very much.”

Emery Miller

The “Fundamental Hearing Package” includes:

  • A pair of hearing devices from a top manufacturer – with crystal-clear sound quality, a sleek design, and Bluetooth connectivity as well as an app.
  • A professional diagnostic hearing assessment by a doctor of audiology – typically covered by your insurance, your hearing will be professionally tested through a methodical process in either our Lubbock or Snyder office.
  • Multi-step audiological fitting process to deliver best possible fit and performance – this ensures you get the absolute best in terms of comfort and efficiency.
  • 12-month repair, loss, or damage warranty ensuring you’re fully protected – you will be covered for any damage, repairs, or loss within your first 12 months, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • A $500.00 credit toward upgraded hearing technology within your first 24 months – if you decide that you would like to step into upgraded technology or get a better performance within your first 12 months, then you can benefit from a $500.00 credit.
  • 12 months of audiological aftercare, including service, adjustments, and yearly prescription evaluations – for 12 months, our team of audiologists will have your back and support you to ensure that you hear the life that you love.
  • 12 months of hearing aid batteries included – you’ll receive all the batteries that you need to ensure your devices continue to perform.
  • In-person access to our service center for trouble-shooting, cleanings, and supplies.

Would You Like To Schedule An Appointment To Explore The ‘Fundamental Hearing Package’?

To discover whether the “Fundamental” package is right for you, the first step is to schedule a professional hearing assessment to understand your hearing challenges.

Simply complete the form on this page and we’ll contact you shortly to schedule a date/time for your visit.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can request a callback from one of our hearing professionals or, call us at: 806-687-4327.

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