Tinnitus is a medical condition where someone hears a sound in their head or ears that does not have an external sound source.  It is often described as ringing, humming, or buzzing.  It can occur in one ear or both ears.  Individuals can experience tinnitus intermittently, spontaneously, or constantly.

What Causes Tinnitus?

One of the most common causes of tinnitus is noise exposure, whether it be from firearms, concerts, etc.  Another possible cause of tinnitus is medication.  Approximately 20% of medications have a side effect of tinnitus, but studies also suggest that the interaction of 6 or more medications can also cause tinnitus.  Earwax build-up and ear infections may also cause tinnitus.  However, tinnitus typically resolves in these cases once the earwax is removed or the ear infection clears.  Ear conditions such as otosclerosis or Meniere’s Disease may cause tinnitus.  Medical conditions such as stroke, hypertension, the temporomandibular joint disorder may also cause tinnitus.

How is it Managed?

Although there is no cure for tinnitus, it can be managed.  It is important to see an audiologist that specializes in tinnitus management options.  The doctors at Cornerstone Audiology are well versed in tinnitus management techniques.  One such management option is sound therapy, which is the use of sound to shift the brain’s focus away from tinnitus.  Sound therapy can be accomplished through the use of a masker or sound generator via hearing aid or tabletop device. 90% of people with tinnitus have hearing loss; therefore, all the hearing aids that are fit at Cornerstone Audiology have an optional tinnitus masker.  Other management options include deep breathing exercises and positive imagery.

Experience that Counts

Cornerstone Audiology has doctors with years of experience in both diagnosing and treating patients with tinnitus symptoms both within the private practice and through working with the Veteran’s Administration.  Tinnitus is the number one service-connected disability among veterans, suggesting that most veteran patients that we work with experience tinnitus. Our team of audiologists at Cornerstone Audiology also includes an audiologist with a specialty certificate in tinnitus management.  This means that whatever your condition, the team at Cornerstone Audiology is equipped to find the best solution.

What if I’m Concerned?

If you have tinnitus symptoms or know someone else who might, it is important to schedule an appointment with audiologists who specialize in tinnitus management.  Since we know that tinnitus is often linked to hearing loss, you will be scheduled for a baseline hearing test. We will work with you to find out specifically how your tinnitus is impacting your life as well as take measurements regarding the pitch and loudness of your specific tinnitus. The doctors at Cornerstone Audiology work with patients to manage your tinnitus, providing expert care and attention every step of the way. Are you worried about tinnitus?  Request a callback now, and a member of the team can help you today!

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Dr. Marisha Beck Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Marisha Beck Au.D., CCC-A

Marisha Beck received her bachelor of science degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences, as well as her doctorate of audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Beck was identified with hearing loss when she was 3 years old, which piqued her interest in the field of audiology. Dr. Beck also wears hearing aids and personally understands the struggles of coping with hearing loss. She is an advocate for people with hearing loss.