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Supporting You On Your Journey to Better Hearing 

With the most recent health reports suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans have some form of hearing loss, yet additional studies suggest that only a small percentage of these people will ever have their hearing tested, we have a duty of care to educate and help patients take action.

The biggest challenge that we face is that the average patient waits more than seven years before having their hearing tested upon experiencing their first sign of hearing loss. During this time, hearing loss often worsens and can affect the patient’s overall health and wellness.  Also, hearing loss is much easier to treat when it is diagnosed at an early stage.  During our diagnostic testing, we check for the patient’s clarity of understanding conversation.  When a patient waits to have their initial hearing assessment, these understanding scores often deteriorate, causing the treatment of hearing loss to be more challenging although still manageable.

These are just some of the reasons why we’re so passionate about educating and helping patients to make the right decisions for themselves and for their loved ones.

If you believe you have a hearing loss – whether you struggle to hear conversations in noisy backgrounds or the people around you complain at how loud you have the television – then there’s no better time to see somebody than today.

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How Can We Help You 

The Latest RANGE OF Hearing
AID Technology

 With the huge technological advancements in hearing care and hearing aids, today’s technology boasts amazing connectivity and the greatest level of sound quality ever produced. However, there is a never a “one size fits all” for hearing aids. That’s why the team at Cornerstone Audiology spends time with you to understand your needs, your unique circumstances, your lifestyle, and your budget to help you to choose the perfect hearing aids for your specific needs.

Comprehensive professional
Hearing Assessments

With the average person waiting over seven years before having their hearing assessed after experiencing the initial signs of hearing loss, it is critical to have your hearing tested at the earliest possible sign. If you’re missing parts of conversations, having loved ones complain at the volume of the television, or you feel that your hearing isn’t as clear as it once was, you may visit our professional and friendly team for a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Helping you to maximiZe your insurance benefits

In many cases, you may not be fully aware of what your insurance benefit consists of when it comes to your hearing healthcare.  It is possible that you are entitled to much more than you anticipate. At Cornerstone Audiology, we have dedicated insurance specialists that will speak to your insurance company on your behalf and help maximize your insurance benefits to support you on your hearing journey.


Many patients with tinnitus experience significant disturbance from the condition.  This disturbance can cause stress, anxiety and sleeplessness and have adverse effects on the patient’s overall health.  Patients are often told that they must learn to live with this condition leaving many feeling hopeless and frustrated.  

Your Journey to Better Hearing

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