Speak to a Doctor of Audiology Today Remotely Through Innovative ‘Tele Audiology’

Tele audiology appointment

Technology has changed the way that we communicate.

  • Business is done hundreds of miles away through online calls
  • There are more long distance-relationships today than ever before
  • And many people speak to their physician through “Tele Health” appointments

The world is changing, and many people are showing preferences towards online calls rather than in-person visits to save time, minimize travel, and work with people at a further distance than what would have previously been achievable.

Yet, in the world of audiology, the way that patients are cared for has never truly progressed beyond traveling for appointments, sitting in waiting rooms, and having a face-to-face appointment with an audiologist.

But with the world getting busier, our schedules becoming tighter and traveling becoming less convenient, Cornerstone Audiology is delighted to announce that they are the first audiologists to offer a “Tele Audiology” option to patients in West Texas.

What is Tele Audiology?

Rather than personally visiting our offices for your appointment, “Tele Audiology” offers a way for you and an audiologist to have a face-to-face conversation through your cell phone or tablet.

This means that you’re able to directly speak to a doctor of audiology without many of the previous challenges of busy schedules, taking time away from work for an appointment, or having to travel across town.

This allows people that are experiencing challenges with their hearing to speak to a professional and receive advice with no obligation, and it allows hearing aid wearers to consult with their audiologist for support.

The best part is, with much of the latest hearing technology featuring built-in remote programming capabilities, your audiologist is often able to diagnose problems, change settings, and make adjustments to maximize your device’s performance.

Schedule a ‘Tele Audiology Initial Consultation’

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4 Steps to tele audiology
Ways to check your husband's hearing without him noticing guide


With hearing loss impacting 1 in 5 of us, the data suggests that at least one special person in our lives are struggling with hearing loss. The challenge is that it's often difficult for these people to admit that they have a challenge with their hearing or be open to seeking help.

That's why we have developed a free white-paper to help you to understand the different ways that you can support a loved one and encourage them to get the help that they need.

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Schedule a ‘Tele Audiology Initial Consultation’

If you or a loved one is experiencing challenges with your hearing, it’s often the small questions or informed advice that is preventing you from being able to make a decision.

You may be unsure if what you are experiencing is normal, you may want to openly discuss your concerns or you may simply need reassurance that you’re doing the right thing.

The “Tele Audiology Initial Consultation” is a short 15-minute online appointment that allows you to directly speak to a doctor of audiology’

These are complimentary and are aimed at giving you the help and advice that you need to make the right decisions for your hearing health or a loved one’s hearing health.

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