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Hearing Aid Repairs For All Manufacturers And Models In Lubbock

Few things are more frustrating than when an electronic device begins to stop working. The temptation is to toss hearing aids into your junk drawer along with all those other malfunctioning gadgets.


We know it’s frustrating, but your hearing aids represent not only a significant financial investment but also a valuable asset to improve your quality of life and maintain your overall health. The advantages they provide are worth having them repaired.

Since hearing aids are sophisticated technology, they often require a specialist with extensive training to fix them and provide the necessary TLC to keep them performing as designed. Cornerstone Audiology has the expertise, experience, and equipment to provide the advanced repairs, cleaning, or adjustments that your device requires.

We maintain strong relationships with all the major manufacturers, which means our hearing aid technicians are able to find the right solution to fix your hearing aids regardless of their make and model.

A pair of hearing aids on a table
Ashleigh gives great service! She can get my hearing aids to work properly and is very kind and understanding while being highly technically proficient. I am giving her, and Cornerstone Audiology, my highest grade possible. Thanks to you all!!
Robert M.

Cornerstone Audiology is wonderful. The staff is friendly and the service is always quick and efficient in the service center. We got our hearing aids checked, cleaned, new filters and batteries. We were in and out in 15 minutes. The doctors are friendly and knowledgeable too. Best audiology office we have found!
Carrie F.

I love the ability to drop by and get my hearing aides cleaned and up to par!

I love this place, everyone is so nice and knows you when you walk in! Love it

Ronda R.

Dr. Hubik smiling during a hearing aid repair

The Three Most Common Hearing Aid Repair Issues

Throughout our years of experience repairing hearing aids, there are three hearing aid repair issues we encounter most often.

1. Wax buildup gets into the delicate electronic components and causes them to malfunction.

2. Excessive moisture is a major enemy of electronic components, shorting them or interrupting connections due to corrosion.

3. Broken components and loose wires can be the result of daily wear, dropping and/or stepping on your device, faulty components, loose wires, and other issues with the components used in your hearing aid.

Tip: Most issues are preventable if you develop a faithful habit of proper daily cleaning and care of your hearing aids, avoid getting them wet, and frequent inspection to identify potential repair issues before they begin to cause problems. Similar to changing the oil, filters, replacing tires, and other maintenance helps your car run better and last longer, regular checkups extend the performance and longevity of your hearing aids. maintenance helps your car run better and last longer, regular checkups extend the performance and longevity of your hearing aids.

Repair Service

When your hearing aid isn’t working, getting it repaired as soon as possible is the key to continuing to enjoy the quality of life and independent lifestyle wearing your hearing aids provides. Most repairs can be done in our office while you wait, but some require us to send them away to the manufacturers for repair.

Keep in mind that when we send your hearing instrument to the manufacturer, they are sent and returned using either Federal Express or DHL to ensure that you have them back in your ears as quickly as possible.

A Loaner During Repairs

When hearing aid repairs can’t be completed in a single visit, or we have to send them back to the manufacturer, many of our patients take advantage of our hearing aid loaner service. We keep a variety of different styles of devices on hand to help you get by while your device is being repaired.

Our loaners might not be exactly like your regular pair, but they’ll do in a pinch, which means you’ll never have to go a day without great hearing!

Advanced Hearing Aid Dryer

Over time, hearing aids collect moisture, which will wreak havoc on your device if left alone. Advanced hearing aid drying technology removes all the moisture from your device using a combination of a vacuum drying with humidity level measurement to vaporize liquid, taking about 15 minutes.

Schedule A Hearing Aid Repair

Avoid the temptation of tossing your malfunctioning or poorly performing hearing aids in that junk drawer. Let Cornerstone Audiology ensure that your hearing aids continue to provide you with all of the benefits for which they were designed.

Contact our hearing aid repair specialist for cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair by completing and submitting the adjacent form to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment.

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