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Tinnitus Management: Can Hearing Aids Help?

06/24/2020 | Patient Resources, Tinnitus

Dr. Courtney Arnold sitting at a desk explaining hearing aids to a patient

Tinnitus is a frustrating sensation that only you can hear. It sounds like ringing, buzzing, clicking, or hissing, and it might be constant or sporadic. It manifests differently in different people, ranging from high-pitched to deep and low, or even fluctuating between tones. While we all experience tinnitus differently, we all want the sound to stop! If you have tinnitus, you aren’t alone. It’s a common condition that 10-15% of the world’s population suffers from, and 80% of those with tinnitus also have hearing loss.

But you don’t have to endure the symptoms of tinnitus; there are ways to manage and even eradicate the discomfort. It’s essential to schedule a visit with me to get a proper diagnosis. As a fellow hearing loss sufferer and tinnitus expert, I understand what you’re going through and have solutions to restore peaceful sound. Tinnitus stems from different causes, so we’ll determine the source of your symptoms to achieve complete relief.

First, Let’s Identify the Cause

Anyone can develop tinnitus, but it’s more common as we age. People who are exposed to many loud sounds in their job are more at risk. Finding the cause helps to determine the best solution. Here are just a few causes.

  • Loud movies or television
  • Concerts or musical events
  • Headphones
  • Gunshots or explosions
  • Fireworks
  • Construction sites
  • Lawn equipment
  • Medications
  • Aging
  • Ear wax
  • Ear, head, or neck injury
  • Neurological disorders
  • Middle ear issues
  • Infections
  • Jaw disorders

Custom Solutions for Symptoms

While there is no cure yet for tinnitus, there are several effective management techniques. I use Progressive Tinnitus Management Principles to provide the most comprehensive relief.

ReSound Tinnitus Relief app

  • Sound Therapy– External noise helps minimize the bothersome internal noise of tinnitus. White noise, low-level music, or customized sounds mask tinnitus and train your brain to shift attention elsewhere. As your audiologist, I can fit you with a custom hearing aid with innovative capabilities to quiet the sounds of tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus Management Programs– With your doctor’s help and a little practice, you can teach your brain to ignore the distraction of tinnitus. You’ll begin to focus on the positive sounds around you, and the annoying symptoms will fade into the background. You’ll soon be able to concentrate on the sounds you want to hear instead.
  • Stress Management– Like most things, anxiety worsens tinnitus. Adequate sleep, soothing sounds, exercise, and quitting smoking help break the tinnitus-anxiety cycle.
  • Lifestyle Adjustments– If you’re currently taking medication, I can identify whether it’s contributing to your tinnitus. If your lifestyle involves frequent loud sounds, we’ll find ways to minimize the damage.
  • Innovative Technology– Our innovative hearing aids and complementary applications like ReSound are instrumental in relieving tinnitus. The technological advances provide everything from sound therapy to restored sound quality. Learn more below.

How Can We Help at Cornerstone Audiology?

Hearing aids allow people with hearing loss to hear the sounds they usually don’t, and as a result, the sounds of tinnitus are masked. When your external sound quality is ideal, internal sounds of tinnitus soften. Many hearing aids also have built-in tinnitus sound therapy, which can be customized to address your symptoms. Our hearing aids can also utilize the ReSound Relief app, which provides special tips and activities to help you manage tinnitus.

With ReSound, I can adjust the settings of your hearing aid remotely, no matter when your symptoms strike. We’ll keep tinnitus at bay so you can focus on the beautiful sounds you want to hear! Call our office to see how we can help or schedule a Tele Audiology appointment.

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Dr. Julie Hubik, Au.D., CCC-A - Doctor of Audiology & CEO

Dr. Hubik is the owner and founder of one of West Texas' most trusted and professional hearing providers, Cornerstone Audiology. She received her bachelor of science degree in communication disorders as well as her doctorate of audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). In her youth, Dr. Hubik became interested in helping people with a hearing loss to communicate more effectively and therefore pursued a degree in this field. Dr. Hubik was born and raised in Anton, Texas, and appreciates working with the people of West Texas. She and her team are proud to serve the hearing needs of their community.

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