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Love Local: Beauty Is All Around Us

09/20/2022 | Local News, Love Local, Patient Resources

Even in our small community, we have some big talent that can brighten up any space.

I thoroughly enjoy doing ‘Love for Local’ pieces because I’m so proud of our community. We have such a great mix of people and different interests that there’s never a dull moment here. 

Local businesses are at the heart of it. They support the local economy.  

Local business owners genuinely care about the community because they live here and are 100% invested.  They have to treat you right because they might run into you at the grocery store.

It’s not just about your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Our community includes people brightening up all aspects of your life, including your home. 

Amy Elizabeth is a local artist who creates unique pieces that will add a touch of color to any room that needs it. Her keen eye and talented brush strokes mean every piece is just as gorgeous as the last. 

We hope you’ll have time to check out her gallery on Etsy, as I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as we do.

Who Is Amy?

I have known Amy for many years; she is creative and kind and makes some incredibly unusual and special gifts. She’s amazing. 

Art has always been a part of her life starting from a young age. She decided to pursue it as a career and studied it throughout college. Once she graduated, she became a graphic designer in Dallas. 

Her husband, Jeff, has always supported her career as he is an art teacher within the Texas school system. Everything was going great, and then life got even better when Amy welcomed her first child into the world. 

This forced Amy to put her art on the back burner and focus on raising her growing family, which she was happy to do. 

Although, the art didn’t fully stop. Amy found creative outlets to keep her artistic muscles flexed. She would often do scrapbooks using pictures of her family. She even went the extra mile when planning birthday parties to make them unforgettable experiences. 

Once her kids graduated and went to college, Amy was able to pick up her art more so than ever. This freed her to focus on projects that would capture her attention as well as impress those who appreciate great art. 

That’s what led her to maps.  

[Check Out Amy’s Store on Etsy to See if Your Favorite City Has Been Done

Amy Has Amazing Talent

Amy has created many things for me over the years. She specializes in colorful maps of cities,college campuses, or anything related that you would like custom done. 

The connection to maps is simple; it’s a sign of where we’ve been or where we want to go as individuals. It should serve as a reminder of how active life can be and that we should be out there trying to see and hear as much of it as possible. 

It all started with a map of her hometown, Lubbock, Texas. Seeing all the unique shapes that the roads were making gave Amy an idea. Hundreds of maps later, it turns out it was a very good idea. 

I have a fantastic example of her art in our conference room. If you ever want to see it, stop by!

The best part is that even if you don’t see your city on her website, she will create it for you. If you are torn between two cities, one for work and one for family, this is a great way to represent both locations in your life. 

It doesn’t even need to be a whole city; it can be your alma mater, the Grand Canyon, or anywhere else near and dear to your heart. 

Makes for Great Gifts

I love getting gifts for people but never know what to get them. This is an excellent idea because you know they don’t already have one. Here’s a perfect gift if you are close to the person and shared a core memory while in a different city.

You can get them made in different sizes or choose one from her Etsy store that is already completed. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

We are so proud that someone as talented as Amy calls Lubbock home. She is one of the many reasons we love this part of the country and why we want to stay here and contribute to the community the only way we know how: by caring for your hearing health.

We are always standing by to help out, so if you have any questions regarding the health of your hearing, please contact us immediately. In the meantime, we’ll be planning our next trip to a city based on how beautiful the map looks.

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Dr. Julie Hubik, Au.D., CCC-A - Doctor of Audiology & CEO

Dr. Hubik is the owner and founder of one of West Texas' most trusted and professional hearing providers, Cornerstone Audiology. She received her bachelor of science degree in communication disorders as well as her doctorate of audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). In her youth, Dr. Hubik became interested in helping people with a hearing loss to communicate more effectively and therefore pursued a degree in this field. Dr. Hubik was born and raised in Anton, Texas, and appreciates working with the people of West Texas. She and her team are proud to serve the hearing needs of their community.

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