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The Advantage Care Plan

12/14/2015 | Insurance, Patient Resources

It’s the season for giving gifts, and we want to share about one we give to our patients all year long. Our Advantage Care Plan is a selection of complimentary and discounted items and services that are offered with a Cornerstone Audiology Hearing Instrument Purchase.

Why Do We Offer Our Advantage Care Plan?

We understand that our patients have a choice in who cares for their hearing and where they purchase their hearing aids. We’re grateful that you have chosen us, and we’re passionate about caring for you well. The Advantage Care Plan is just one way we strive to care for and value our patients.

What is Included with the Advantage Care Plan?

In order to receive the advantages of this plan, we ask that our patients schedule appointments every four months (no additional charge for these!). These appointments allows us to regularly check the hearing health of our patients and make adjustments as necessary. During these appointments, we also clean and check your hearing instruments. This makes sure they are all working properly to help you hear as well as possible.

Patients who schedule these regular four month appointments receive a supply of free batteries. It is important to stress that we do not mail these batteries. They can be picked up at the four month appointments. If you are unable to bring your hearing aids to the office, you can send them with a friend or family member. For your convenience, we offer different options for picking up your batteries.

FREE Batteries:

#312 Batteries – 36 cells/4 months
  • 6 cards of 6 very 4 months (3x/year)
  • 9 cards every 6 months (2x/year)
  • Total of 18 cards/year (108 batteries/year)
#13 Batteries – 24 cells/4 months
  • 4 cards of 6 every 4 months (3x/year)
  • 6 cards every 6 months (2x/year)
  • Total of 12 cards/year (72 batteries/year)
#10 Batteries – 60 cells/4 months
  • 10 cards of 6 every 4 months (3x/year)
  • 15 cards every 6 months (2x/year)
  • Total of 30 cards/year (180 batteries/year)
#675 Batteries – 6 cells/4 months
  • 1 card of 6 every 4 months (3x/year)
  • 2 cards every 6 months (2x/year)
  • Total of 4 cards/year (24 batteries/year)

If you find you are using more batteries than is allowed through our Advantage Care Plan, you may purchase them from our office at half the price of retail costs (.50/cell, a 6 pack would cost $3).

Would you like to learn more about our Advantage Care Plan, an offer exclusive to Cornerstone Audiology patients? Contact us at (806)687.HEAR(4327). We would love to share more with you about this great offer.

(Note: Advantage Care Services area a courtesy provided by Cornerstone Audiology and membership guidelines may be altered or terminated by Cornerstone Audiology at any time.)

Cornerstone Audiology serves Lubbock, TX and its surrounding areas as a hearing aid provider with two certified audiologists and was recently named Best Hearing Aid Provider for Best of the West 2015. Our team offers compassionate, skilled care to help you find the hearing aids that best meets your needs. To learn more about how we can help with your hearing loss or tinnitus, contact us for a free consultation.

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Dr. Julie Hubik, Au.D., CCC-A - Doctor of Audiology & CEO

Dr. Hubik is the owner and founder of one of West Texas' most trusted and professional hearing providers, Cornerstone Audiology. She received her bachelor of science degree in communication disorders as well as her doctorate of audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). In her youth, Dr. Hubik became interested in helping people with a hearing loss to communicate more effectively and therefore pursued a degree in this field. Dr. Hubik was born and raised in Anton, Texas, and appreciates working with the people of West Texas. She and her team are proud to serve the hearing needs of their community.

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