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Lubbock ☎ : 806-687-4327 
Snyder ☎ : 325-284-3221

Your Team of Local Audiologists In Snyder, TX 

Visiting your local team of audiology specialists in Snyder is simple, easy, and convenient – open on Tuesdays, you can schedule or walk-in for an appointment for a no-obligation discussion with a hearing specialist, to have your hearing professionally tested, and for all your hearing aid needs.

We are so excited to be in Snyder on Tuesdays!

Our team has a heart for small towns and we love the people in Snyder! Because our Tuesdays sometimes fill up, call ahead to schedule your hearing consultation or hearing aid cleaning.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Cornerstone Audiology at 3219 College Ave. Snyder, TX 79549
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Address: 3219 College Ave.
Snyder, TX 79549

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Phone: 325-284-3221 
Fax: 806-687-8965

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9.15 am – 4.15 pm

We are located on College Avenue in the same building with Hoyle, Partain & Company, across the street from the former Bealls Store.

3219 College Ave. Snyder, TX 79549

How Cornerstone Audiology CAN HELP


Supporting West Texas through ‘Tele Audiology’

To continue to help patients and care for the hearing health of West Texas through these challenging times, Cornerstone Audiology is proud to introduce “Tele Audiology” – you asked, we answered.

This innovative next step in hearing care allows you to speak to a doctor of audiology to receive help, care, and advice without having to visit in-person, leave your home, or travel.

It means that regardless of where you are, what you’re doing, or what challenges may be ahead of us, you can always have West Texas’s most trusted doctors of audiology as your partners.


Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

With the average person waiting over seven years before having their hearing assessed after experiencing the initial signs of hearing loss, it is critical to have your hearing tested at the earliest possible sign.

If you’re missing parts of conversations, having loved ones complain at the volume of the television, or you feel that your hearing isn’t as clear as it once was, you may visit our professional and friendly team at a Cornerstone Audiology hearing clinic for a comprehensive hearing assessment.


Latest Range of Advanced Hearing Technology

With the huge technological advancements in hearing care and hearing aids, today’s technology boasts amazing connectivity and the greatest level of sound quality ever produced.

However, there is never a “one size fits all” for prescription hearing aids, that’s why the team at Cornerstone Audiology spends time with you to understand your needs, your unique circumstances, your lifestyle, and your budget to help you to choose the perfect hearing aids for your specific needs.


Maximizing your Hearing Care Insurance Benefits

In many cases, you may not be fully aware of what your insurance benefit consists of when it comes to your hearing healthcare.  It is possible that you are entitled to much more than you anticipate.

At Cornerstone Audiology, we have dedicated insurance specialists that will speak to your insurance company on your behalf and help maximize your insurance benefits to support you on your hearing journey.


First-class service from the comfort of your car

Patients are the heart of Cornerstone Audiology. The team at Cornerstone loves to serve you as their top priority.

With Curbside Appointments, you can gain quick, attentive hearing care from a team member without leaving your vehicle.

This contact-free method of diagnosis and treatment is available to all our patients, new and existing.

All you need to do is drive-up to one of the three locations, and you can receive a range of services, including hearing aid fittings, clean and checks, and full diagnostic tests.

Schedule Your Hearing Assessment

If you’re ready to schedule your hearing assessment, put your mind at ease, and speak to one of our doctors of audiology about your hearing health, then please complete this form sharing your contact information and preferences.

We will then be in touch to share available times and book your appointment.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or would prefer to speak to us on the phone, call: 806-687-4327.


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