Helping You To choose The Right Hearing Aids Based On Your Unique Circumstances, Lifestyle & Budget

One of the biggest challenges for our team is that we’re trying to help people to make a decision that they don’t want to make. I’m sure you didn’t grow up looking forward to the day that you could buy your first pair of hearing aids.

But with millions of Americans having a hearing loss, hearing aids and devices are a critical part of caring for your hearing loss and allowing you to hear more clearly.

Although there was traditionally a stigma attached to hearing aids and they’re remembered as the clunky objects that your grandparents had, the latest technology is small, difficult to notice, and boasts some of the most advanced and intelligent sound amplification ever created.

At Cornerstone Audiology, we know that there is not a “one size fits all” for hearing aids, and instead, each patient has a unique set of circumstance that our experts need to carefully consider before making a recommendation to patients.

We get to understand your lifestyle, your unique circumstances, your style, and your budget to help you choose the right solution for your hearing loss.

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"I have really enjoyed my hearing aids from Cornerstone Audiology"

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The Different Styles and Types of Hearing Aids

LYRIC – The invisible Extended Wear Hearing Devices

One of the most in-demand hearing aids on the market, known as the “Invisible hearing aids” – these 100% invisible extended wear hearing devices can be worn while sleeping or in the shower, replaced every 8-10 weeks in the office. 

Lyric - Invisible Hearing Aid

Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) – Tiny & Often Invisible

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, then IIC hearing aids are custom-fitted and come in a choice of colors. IICs are unique as they’re inserted deep into the ear canal, so depending on your ear shape, they’re often invisible when worn. This is a huge advantage for the style-conscious wearer.

Invisible-in-canal hearing aid

Completely-In-THE-Canal (CIC) 

The CIC hearing aid can be a great option for mild to severe hearing loss and cosmetic concerns. They are mostly invisible and can be more powerful than the smaller option mentioned above.

Completely-in-the-canal hearing aid


The ITC hearing aid is another option for patients with mild to severe hearing loss. Because of its slightly larger size, it typically uses size 312 batteries and therefore may have wireless capabilities for smartphone streaming.

In-the-canal hearing aid


Mildly severe to severe hearing loss patients may find ITE hearing aids beneficial due to their sleek design that fits perfectly to the ear’s outer entrance. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and offer maximum hearing coverage. Available in a variety of colors, they’re custom made and can be matched to your skin tone.

In-the-ear hearing aid


Barely visible when worn, the RIC style is the most versatile hearing instrument on the market and a firm favorite of our audiologists. The receiver or speaker is placed inside the ear canal for better sound quality. This receiver may be changed in the office for an easily repaired solution to hearing loss. The full spectrum of smartphone streaming is available with this model. Another benefit of the RIC is that the hearing aid may be made more powerful by exchanging the receiver in the office if hearing loss were to worsen over time.

Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid


The behind-the-ear hearing aid device is usually worn by patients with severe to profound hearing loss. The technology is housed in the casing of these hearing aids, ensuring they rest comfortably behind the ear while the clear plastic acoustical tube sends the amplified sounds into a customized earmold that’s fitted inside the canal. Available in many different colors, they come with easy to use buttons and are highly discreet. These hearing aids also include the full spectrum for smartphone streaming.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

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