Give The Gift of Better Hearing

This Holiday Season, Nominate A Special Somebody To Experience Better Hearing Well Into The Future

It’s true to say that this year hasn’t panned out how many of us expected.

Nevertheless, we’re getting into the festive spirit with “Hear for the Holidays” – our seasonal competition, where three highly-deserving people will receive complimentary hearing aids and award-winning hearing care.

Studies suggest that roughly one in eight people in the US experience hearing challenges, but sadly, this can remain undetected for years while it worsens. This is because the symptoms aren’t always obvious, and they emerge over long periods of time, often without someone knowing.

Crucially, if you miss the punchline of jokes, struggle to talk with others when there’s background noise, or hear a faint ringing sound in your ears, then it’s definitely time to speak to a specialist!

We know these conversations aren’t always easy, and people can put off seeking help for a variety of reasons. But Cornerstone Audiology has always been at the heart of communities in Lubbock, Big Spring, and Snyder, and we can offer you expert assistance that’s right for you.

“Hear for the Holidays” – where each of our three offices will be gifting a pair of hearing aids and premium care to someone in their community – is a demonstration of this commitment.

To enter, all you need to do is nominate someone who could benefit from better hearing, using the form on this website. Specifically, you’ll need to share some basic details about them and say WHY they deserve to win.

The competition will close on November 30, 2020, and we’ll announce the winners soon after.

They’ll then be invited to their respective hearing clinics – in Lubbock, Big Spring, or Snyder – where we’ll assess their hearing and fit them with their new devices.

These will let them experience excellent hearing both for the holidays and well into the future, just as they deserve.

Good luck!

Nominations Close In